2017 Battle of the Brands


One pilot, one machine, one flight

Dear Platinum and Gold Sponsors,

At the 2017 IRCHA Jamboree, we will be hosting the second annual Battle of the Brands Competition. This event will be held on Saturday August 5th, beginning at 6:00pm. We will continue to have the Battle of the Brands at dinnertime in order to allow everyone to attend.

Event Rules

1. Each Platinum and Gold Sponsor may submit the name of one pilot.

2. Each pilot will be allowed a single flight with one helicopter. The pilot may fly electric or nitro.

3. Flight time is limited to 5 minutes. Any crashes before 3 minutes results in pilot elimination.

4. No required maneuvers. Pilots will fly a 3D flight to music.

5. There shall be no props, or theatrics. The battle is between the pilot and the machine.

6. A pilot may only fly for one brand, as this is one pilot, one machine, one flight.

Entry Submission

IRCHA must be informed of the pilot representing the company via email at charles.anderson@ircha.org. Entry submission may come from either the pilot or pilot’s sponsor. Both the pilot and the sponsor being represented must decide upon which company the pilot will represent. IRCHA shall not be responsible if the pilot enters himself for the wrong sponsor. All entry submissions are final, therefore sponsor and pilot should mutually agree prior to entry submission.


For two years IRCHA has used a text to vote system for our night fly competition and we are confident that it will offer us the best available option for voting. At the conclusion of the competition, we will activate the text to vote system and allow this system to remain open for a set period of time. At the conclusion of the voting window, the text to vote system will be shut down. The pilot receiving the greatest number of votes will be named as the winner of the event.

Now for the part that will get your attention

IRCHA has decided that supporting companies should have the opportunity to win something for all the support they give to the pilots. We are excited to announce that the Battle of the Brands pilots will be flying for their Sponsor to win either a free Gold Sponsorship at the 2018 IRCHA Jamboree or half off of a 2018 IRCHA Platinum Sponsorship. (prize has no cash value, no substitutions allowed, and may only be redeemed at the 2018 IRCHA Jamboree, sponsors may not share a pilot in the Battle or the winning sponsorship)

We hope that each of you will be excited about this new competition and eager to have your best pilot fly in front of the biggest crowd.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will be making the pilot announcements as soon as each of you makes us aware of the chosen pilot. Your pilot name must be submitted to us by August 1st.