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Mission Statement

The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA) was established as an organization by the pilots, for the pilots. IRCHA works to promote the continued growth of radio controlled helicopters through education, representation, service, and special events. Radio controlled helicopters are a dynamic, evolving segment of the AMA and as such IRCHA works closely with the AMA to foster growth and acceptance. Through these endeavors, IRCHA hopes to provide its members with the opportunity to enjoy the hobby, make many new friends, and expand their intellectual interests.


IRCHA was created in 1989 by founder Don Chapman (pictured below) as the representative body for helicopter pilots. The Academy of Model Aeronautics recognizes one organization as the Special Interest Group for each particular segment of the hobby. The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association was recognized as the SIG for helicopters during a time when model helicopters were still evolving. It was at this time an organization representing helicopter pilots needed to be created to ensure each of those pilots was represented to the AMA. Throughout the time since its inception, IRCHA has continued to represent helicopter pilots in all aspects of the hobby. From supporting competition pilots during the US Nationals, to regularly taking part in AMA committees and meetings, the IRCHA representatives continue the proud heritage established many years ago.



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IRCHA By-laws