Where can I fly at IRCHA ?

Locations to fly

There are many places to fly at the IRCHA Jamboree but we ask that you pay attention to the proper locations.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONES SAFETY.  If IRCHA staff / volunteers ask you to to cease any unsafe activities, please respect them,  their efforts are only meant to keep the event safe!

There should be no more than 2 people at the pilot station/ cone, ALL spectators should be behind the line of flags designating the safety line.              NO PILOT should fly without a spotter.

What are the duties of a spotter?  It is not to cheer your buddy on... a spotter should be watching to the left and right of his pilot for people, aircraft crossing into his or her flight box etc.  His job is to watch other pilots to prevent an accident ! 


Monday, Tuesday you may fly at site 3,    ALL of site 4 will be closed for the complete setup of the jamboree.  Manufacturer canopies are the only canopies to be erected on Tuesday,  No pilot canopies are to be placed on the flightline until after 5pm Tuesday evening. IRCHA needs this time to complete a safe set up .
We have added a Multi rotor only sight,  this does not mean you can not fly at any of the flight stations,  it merely is one location to meet with fellow multi rotor pilots to share with each other.  HEX AND QUADS can be flown within any designated flight station.
NO MULTI ROTOR FLYING OVER THE CROWD or MAIN PILOT/ FLIGHTLINE for private photography,  REGISTERED MEDIA ONLY will be allowed for that function.


The scale & Vintage tent has been moved to the West end of the field on the opposite side of the road this year.

The Speed Runs will be held at site 3,  Wednesday will be practice day,  Thursday and Friday will be the SPEED RUNS.  


Site 5 will have the 2016 NATS flying early in the week,  so no flying can take place at site 1 to allow adequate safety margins between site 1 & 5



There will be full scale helis doing rides on Friday & Saturday.  It is VERY important that all pilots pay attention to the areas marked "No FLY ZONE"  Full scale aircraft operation near you.  






Site 4

Main Jamboree Site


Site 3

 Speed Cup Runs & sport flying after speed run practice

Site 5

NATS flying only

Site 8

is for small helis ( 450 and under in size )


Due to insurance restrictions and full scale helicopters flying over the event we cannot allow flying along the roads except in designated areas